Photoshoot with Friends

Last week, my friends let me practice my skills by taking pictures of their family. It turned out to be a rough day for taking pictures simply because I haven’t quite figured out how to get sharp images on an overcast day. Sigh. The upside is that this gave me a chance to work on my editing skills. We took the pictures at the Rathaus. Luckily for us, the circus happens to be in town. Here are some of my favorites from the day.

[gallery, size=”medium” columns=”2″]

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  1. Hey Tricia – thanks so much for taking the pictures. The Main Tent & Circus Wagon are two of my favorites, too. You did a good job with the photos, even with two wiggly little boys, who weren’t too eager to look at the camera!

  2. My first wedding I shot last month was less than stellar because of the poor lighting. I’m working on adjusting things, using my tripod, and getting better. So glad I was with another photographer. Nobody but us will ever know we weren’t totally happy. FYI I also discovered that increasing the saturation just a smidge can make a gray day seem a lot sunnier. It’s my new favorite trick for when senior pic days get cloudy.
    You’re my inspiration :)

    • kleineklein says:

      I definitely need to get a tripod. Good thing Christmas is coming! I’ll try the saturation trick. You, my friend, are very wise. :)

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