Ministry FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about ICSV

Why does the staff need to raise support?

One of the primary purposes for ICSV’s existence is to be a support to the missionary community in and around Vienna. Also, many students come from families that can’t easily afford the other English speaking schools in Vienna. They come to the school because it is affordable and the instruction is in English. While at ICSV they hear the Gospel and see our lives and hopefully come to know our Lord.

Isn’t Austria a Christian nation?

Actually, no. Protestant Christianity has never had a foothold in Austria. In Austria’s history Protestant Christianity was consistently annihilated by the Catholic church. There are now the beginnings of God moving in Austria and, as a pastor we know has said, there are things happening now in Austria that have never happened in its history.

Also, the ministry of the school extends beyond the Austrian community and reaches into the international community. It’s not just Austrians who are being impacted by ICSV. We have students from approximately 30 countries represented in the student body. We’re impacting their lives while they’re here in Vienna.

Why do non-Christians go to a Christian school?

There are two main answers to this question. The first is that for many of them we’re the only English speaking school they can afford. It’s either ICSV or the Austrian Schools for them, and the international population would rather be in English speaking schools. Since ICSV is staffed by missionaries the school is able to be even more flexible with the already low tuition cost for those in real need. While not the most ideal way to draw students, most of them after being at ICSV for a while really like it.

Which leads us into the second answer which is that ICSV is just plain different from any of the other schools in Vienna. Non-Christians see the love and care the staff extends to the students; it’s not something they’ve ever seen in a school before, and they like it. Each year more kids transfe into ICSV from other schools in Vienna. The word is getting out; we care about our students, so new students are coming.

What about academics?

The academics at the school are pretty strong. There are a slew of AP courses (English, History, German, Calculus, Computer Programming), computer classes, Economics, Government, Music, Art, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Genetics, etc. Bible classes are required for all grades from Kindergarten on up. The majority of our graduates go on to attend universities around the world, many of them American universities.

Is education really ministry?

YES! Education opens doors that you wouldn’t believe. Parents are passionate about their kids and will do whatever they can to give their child a better shot at life. By being an affordable,  quality, “American” style school, we draw in people who would never darken the door of a church because we’re the best school they can send their kids to. That’s why we have Muslims who send their kids to ICSV. That’s why we have Atheists sending their kids to ICSV. Education brings people into contact with us so that through our lives and our words they might come to know our Lord and Savior.

What types of ministry are the missionary parents doing?

You name it they’re doing it. Pastors, evangelists, church planters, pastoral training, Bible/Christian resource translation, refugee outreach, music ministry, Christian radio,  etc. They’re ministering all over Austria and all over Europe.  Many of these people would not be on the field if ICSV was not there to serve their education needs; even among those who would not be off the field, many would have their ministry negatively effected if ICSV was not there, either because of the need to home school or the extra work of dealing with the Austrian system.