She’s 1!

One of the best things about living back in the US is being around for family events. Last week, we got to celebrate our niece’s first birthday. Isn’t she the cutest?



It was super fun to be home for Easter this year. Dying Easter eggs is way more fun with a toddler.


Phone Fotos

Wow. Moving across continents is a crazy business. With our lives in limbo for the last six months, photography definitely took a back seat. We did finally get cell phones about two months ago. This is the first time I’ve owned a smart phone, and I’ve been having a great time playing with some of the fun photo apps out there. My favorites so far are Instagram and Flickr. I like Instagram for the social aspect, but I think I actually like Flickr’s editing options better. Here are some of my favorite phone shots so far. If you have any suggestions for fun photo apps, I’d love to hear them!


One of the things I love about spring in Vienna is visiting the Easter markets. I can ever own enough of the beautiful hand-painted eggs. I enjoy them so much that I leave them out year round – totally against tradition, but that’s OK because they make me smile.

Happy New Year! Prosit Neujahr!

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