Haus des Meeres

We spent an afternoon at the Haus des Meeres (Vienna Aquarium). I decided that since there is no flash allowed, this might be a good opportunity to practice my manual focusing skills. It was a good exercise, and I got some fun shots. I think I like using the manual focus when shooting through glass and water. It gives me a bit more control. I still definitely need to practice this skill, not only to become better at focusing, but to be able to do it more quickly. I’m a lot slower at focusing than the creatures are at swimming. Especially those hammerhead sharks. Speedy suckers. Here are some of my favorite creature shots from the day.

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Furry Faces

This week’s challenge over at I Heart Faces is “Furry Faces.” The photo doesn’t necessarily have to have a furry face, but it does need to be a photo of an animal. I’m sharing a photo of the little ladybug that kept me company during my early morning photo shoot.

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Schloß Schönbrunn

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