30 Days of Gratitude :: Day 24 – Gratitude

Today we celebrated Thanksgiving with the senior class. It was a great time! I’m grateful that we got to celebrate with these students who will be scattered around the globe in the coming year. It was fun to share an American tradition with them, and it was wonderful to hear the things they are grateful for.

One of the traditions at our house is the Thanksgiving Turkey. Each year, every person we celebrate with writes down what they are grateful for and places it as a feather in the Thanksgiving Turkey. We have a Thanksgiving journal where we write down who we spent Thanksgiving with and where we celebrated. Each year I glue all the turkey feathers into the book so that we can look back at who we’ve shared this celebration with as well as the many ways we’ve been blessed over the years.

The students had the great idea of creating a thankfulness tree to keep in their homeroom classroom as a reminder of all they are thankful for. This picture is of our Thanksgiving Turkey with everyone’s feathers, and my leaf before it got glued to the tree.


  1. I love your Thanksgiving Turkey grateful feathers and the journal! What a great way to remember various celebrations with loved ones! So creative….

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