30 Days of Gratitude :: Day 20 – Seasonal

I do love this time of year. Starting with Thanksgiving and running right on through the New Year. I think the thing that I enjoy is that it’s a focused time of being thankful and spending time with those we love. Yesterday we got to work at our church’s annual bazaar. It’s one of my favorite things each year. We get to raise money for our church, and while we’re working we get to see lots of people that we don’t see very often. My favorite booth to work is the Christmas cracker booth. If you don’t know what a Christmas cracker is, you can watch this little video: We’re Crackers About Christmas Crackers. Christmas crackers are a great British tradition that we’ve incorporated into our holiday celebrations. I love working this booth and getting to explain to folks what the crackers are all about. Plus, I get to work with my husband and my friend Nicki, which is always fun. These are the crackers we bought for this year. I think they’re pretty. :)


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