Her Story


“So, what’s her story?”

We get  asked this question a lot. It’s an interesting question. Most of the folks who ask are people who love our family. People who want to pray for us, and love on us, and know us better. And isn’t that part of knowing, learning one another’s stories?

There are things about her story that are sweet and fun to share. She giggles herself to sleep. She LOVES to cuddle. She thinks her Daddy’s dammit doll is the funniest thing ever.

dammit explained

There are things we cannot share because we’re not allowed.

There are things that are a part of our family story, things we love to share. She got to spend her first week of life with an awesome family that we love and are so grateful to know. Her name means “miracle” because that is exactly what she is. The first time we met her, she snuggled into her daddy like she was home.

There are things about her first family that are not a part of our story. They are not ours to share. One day Miss M. may decide to share some of these things. We want to respect her and her story enough to let her keep these things as close to her heart as she wants. We want her to choose when and if these are things she wants her dear ones to know.

Here’s what we do want to share. Miss M. has two families who love her. She is wanted and adored. And, well, pretty amazing all around.

Here’s what we would ask of those who are just the seriously curious type. If you’re curious about her first family, please pray for them. Please don’t assume things about them. There are a gazillion reasons that children are placed in foster care. You might make a lucky guess as to her first family’s situation, but likely not. And, truly, it serves no good purpose. Just know that they love her. Know that a great way for you to love Miss M. is to love and pray for her first family.

If you want cute, sweet stories about who she is and the things she does every day that make us smile and laugh out loud. Feel free to ask us those questions. We love sharing those things.


  1. Sallie Price says

    Love your post..glad she is doing so well. You are both such wonderful parents so loving and caring. Bless you

  2. says

    Really happy for you both and for Miss M of course! She’s blessed to have you in her life! Will remember to pray for all of you.