Adventures in Baby Feeding

Baby Feeding

Miss M. has been teaching us a lot of things. Here are some of the lessons she has taught us about food.

  • Vegetables are better than fruits.
  • Someone needs to invent Mommy/Daddy and me matching bibs/hazmat suits.
  • Foods that begin with “P” are the best foods. Specifically peas, prunes, and pumpkin.
  • If a baby doesn’t spit up one single time during their first three months of life, they can make up for it later.
  • Babies have lightening quick reflexes. Much faster than parent reflexes. Keep all bowls and spoons at a safe distance.
  • Ice is awesome.
  • If you feed a baby mashed potatoes from El Pollo Loco, said baby will proceed to fill their diaper with something that is the exact color and consistency of wet cement. It is frightening.
  • Bananas are poison. They should be spit out immediately.
  • You should always, ALWAYS, check to make sure the baby is not hungry before putting them to bed at night. If you do not, the perfect storm of hungry and tired will be your punishment. Your very, very loud punishment.
  • Sometimes prunes are your best friend.

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